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On steroids atm, peak flow still down at 270ish Had a bad day mon after builders made loadsof dust and got really breathless. It seems like a really long time since the last thread was properly up and running - it would be lovely to be in touch on MN again.

Shaking now as just had neb, gone from ok to really bresthless and tight chested in space of an hour, no idea of trigger at all.

For me the allergic rhinitis usually precedes worsening asthma by a few minutes so it's a useful warning sign I suppose.

When I was younger I could get very tight chested for no warning at all. I tend to keep an old fashioned vicks sniffer thing next to the bed because I hate breathing through my mouth at night!

Can't quite recall where we were up to last time, but my baby is now a week off six months old - I have no idea where the time has gone or is going.

Through all of her newborn days, autumn, winter, etc etc, fairly inexplicably I have had the best wintertime in about 4 years with very little asthma episodes (just one chesty cold I think - again !

I think the improvement is due to a range of factors - time being one of them!

My PF is never above 300 and 270 is about normal for me. No way I could walk 2 miles without a sit down half way.

I think the humidity and moulds etc triggared it back into action.

Forgot to say the power breather I bought was medium/ average resistance and really I should have got the easier one as I struggle, so if you have poor Pfs as I do then it might be a tip. I've never had hayfever Giraffes but that does sound like it could be, DD gets it and she has asthma.

The man that sold it to me (at the outdoor show I think it was) did say that I could ask my gp to prescribe the NHS version. She's definitely more affected by allergies than me, cleaning the rats make her wheeze.

) The only thing though is that throughout it all, my 'chest stamina' has remained consistently low at around 270-290 as a normal reading and lower when poorly - not dramatic drops but perhaps around 230-260 when unwell (though as I said, I've been remarkably well in myself) - by 'chest stamina' I basically mean my ability to walk up stairs, hills or distances, and also I have noticed that chest subtly worsening at times (no massive flares or persistent asthma symptoms) when I can't sing along to songs or finish sentences without 'losing the end of the sentence' to a lack of breath - does that make any sense to anyone?

I ask, because it's so hard to explain to doctors who are looking for overt asthma symptoms, yet this general sense of my lung function being less effective than it should is actually persistently very frustrating and a teensy bit depressing, since it's been like this for the best part of 12-18 months.

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