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Another thing that happens far too frequently is that people seem to think it’s hilarious to give me juvenile nicknames, most of which have something to do with my wheelchair. Yes, they are accurate insofar as they describe how I drive my chair.But they’re also all references to children’s cartoons or toys.I was furious and considered canceling the trip and relieving him of his duties right then.Thankfully, I kept my cool and this was a one-time faux pas – with that guy.

For example, among women ages 57 years and older, over 80% of participants expressed interest in having sex, but less than two-thirds of women surveyed perceived sex as “important,” and fewer than half reported having sex in the previous year.

The first myth is that older adults are not as sexually attractive or desirable as their younger counterparts.

While an 80-year-old may not be as appealing to an 18-year-old, he or she may be very desirable to peers.

Unfortunately, a lot of the world finds it easy to infantilize people with disabilities. The expectation seems to be that I can’t answer for myself.

This doesn’t mean that people look at me and instantly create a mental Snapchat filter that puts a pacifier in my mouth. For example, there have been many times I’ve been out at a restaurant with friends my age, ready to give my order, only to be skipped over by the server who turns to another person and asks them what I’d like to eat. When I speak up and say what I’d like for my meal – and add “And I’ll have an extra dirty martini (shaken, not stirred)” – the server’s face typically goes from ghost white to beet red all in a matter of seconds. Here’s one way not to do it: Once, as I prepared for a trip and was finishing packing, the book I was planning to read on the plane didn’t fit in my carry-on.

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