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Next time you find yourself in this situation, reach out to the person you admire and compliment them.

If it looks perfect – it’s because it’s a great feed – not necessarily the picture perfect life depicted.” Or, “is this apartment as good a choice for me, as the other one I just saw? Comparison when applied to yourself, and your merits, against another individual’s can cause serious repercussions to your metal health and confidence. How often do you find yourself in a comparison trap due to technology? First of all, please know that what people share on their social platforms is an edited version of their lives.” Comparisons which help us to estimate life decisions are good, and help us to come to the best conclusions we can, with the given number of choices we have. Today we’re tackling the negative side of the comparison coin, with five tips for avoiding the comparison trap . Do you find yourself delving in to someone’s Facebook feed, Instagram account or Pinterest, comparing your own life to theirs? Some may chose to share the bad bits, but most often people are all about positive news and good selfies on social 😉!), is on the move again, with the theme for Which does remind me to eventually get around to playing Idol or Not Idol, but I digress.Rei’s situation isn’t unique in idol*; most of the girls who are used the way she’s been don’t have her prospects or level of support, either.

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