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Annie asks Jay to delete the footage but he forgets and leaves it in a cloud.Soon they search the Ipods they have given to their friends to promote Jay's songs to delete the, erotic, sensual, inviting, bedroom, provoking, arousing, naughty, provocative, seductive, sensuous, suggestive, alluring, voluptuous, slinky, titillating, flirtatious, come-hither (informal), kissable, beddable Selection -- On the generality of intercrosses between individuals of the same species -- Circumstances favourable and unfavourable to Natural Selection, namely, intercrossing, isolation, number of individuals -- Slow action -- Extinction caused by Natural Selection -- Divergence of Character, related to the diversity of inhabitants of any small area, and to naturalisation -- Action of Natural Selection, through Divergence of Character and Extinction, on the descendants from a common parent -- Explains the Grouping of all organic beings.equality were intelligible cries to them; whereas they did not follow our Forward Policy in Thibet with the keen attention that it merits, and would at times dismiss the whole British Empire with a puzzled, if reverent, sigh.But Jay receives a phone call from someone that has had access to the video. "Sex Tape" is an unfunny and disappointing comedy with a promising storyline.

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Jay (Jason Segel) and his girlfriend Annie (Cameron Diaz) love each other and have sex in the most unusual places.

They get married and have two children, and soon their sex life is almost inexistent.

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