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The hotel was located down a narrow and rough dirt road outside of Hatton, and upon arrival, we were greeted with a pot of tea and a plate of cookies and cake.After our snack, we dropped our belongings in our room, and one of the workers from the hotel took us out for a walk in the hills amongst the many tea plantations in the area."Once you secure sushi-grade tuna, this meal in a bowl takes almost no effort to make.I upgrade the typical tekka don--sliced raw tuna, often briefly marinated in soy sauce--by merging it with the Hawaiian dish tuna poke (pronounced PO-kay) which I fell for while opening my restaurant in Waikiki.Thankfully, Amila was understanding and gave me some time to locate the dramamine in my bag before we continued.With the assistance of Trip Advisor, Richard had selected a hotel located in the Ceylon tea region as our first accommodation.When we finished drinking, we handed the coconut back to the man who used his machete to open it for us, enabling us to eat a bit of the fruit from inside.Feeling refreshed, we got back in our ride and proceeded on our journey.

In this new cookbook, Morimoto sets out to show the American home cook that Japanese dishes, especially recipes from Japanese home cooks, can be surprisingly easy to prepare.The hotel was located well outside Hatton, the unofficial tea capital of the country, so we ate dinner there before settling into our room, a bedroom on the edge of a Tudor-style mansion that was more than a century old.The accommodations were relatively rustic with no hot water and a mosquito net over the bed.In early April, we traveled to Sri Lanka, an island nation located in the Indian Ocean in South Asia.During school on Friday, I completed all of my marking and had time to return home, finish packing, and even shower before heading to the airport for an overnight flight.

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