Automatic updating cross references

Of course, you can manually change your footnote numbers when you’re done writing, but this can be tedious.

No need to update cross-references, tables of contents and separately; just select the whole document and click Update Field.

For example, if you frequently cite to Smith, you might write a footnote that looks something like this: Smith, supra note 5.

You run into problems with your footnote numbering when you add a few sentences with footnotes to the beginning of your paper, and suddenly the original Smith reference is no longer in footnote 5, it’s now in footnote 6.

Manage cross-references When you insert a cross-reference, the Cross-References panel indicates the status of the cross-reference.

If you don't see any numbered paragraphs listed there, or you just don't see the one you want, it means you haven't done your paragraph numbering correctly.

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