Best dating profile headline examples me and you to dating

"What I learned" is another great headline strategy. If your headline over-promises and under-delivers (which clickbait does 100% of the time), readers will leave disappointed. Open-ended questions are great for encouraging discussion (e.g. However, when done well, this technique can offer a solid emotional one-two punch.

If you have a powerful stat in your content (like in this example), put it in your headline.

For examples of each category, download the Headline Analyzer tear sheet included in this post.

Positive superlatives that will help you in headline writing are as follows: best, always, fastest, easiest, most, greatest, largest, funniest, hottest, strongest, biggest, ever, perfect, top.

After all, why should anyone to ignore the largest social network?

A headline like this one practically guarantees traffic.

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