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By at least the fifteenth century, the Brunei sultan controlled virtually the whole of the coastal regions along the northern coastline of Borneo, Sulu, parts of Mindanao and even Luzon, in the Philippines.

This wealth and power naturally brought European traders, of whom the Portuguese were content to trade.

Alas, these events are dated to 1363 AD, some 150 years or so before the sultanate of Johor came into existence.

Neither the Malay Annals, nor other records, show any connection between the Johor and Brunei dynasties, nor do they make mention of any Sultan "Bahkei".

He travelled to thirteen settlements in the region in search of an auspicious ox.

At each of the villages, he fathered thirteen (or twenty-two) other sons by thirteen different aboriginal wives, daughters of the local to rule the newly founded state was Awang Alak Betatar, the son of Dewa Amas and the Sang Aji's daughter.

Any names that cannot be arranged, are simply omitted from the Malay versions altogether.

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Later, in April 1578, the Spanish invaders who entered the mosque found "a block of marble containing painted and gilded pictures of idols", which they then looted.The kingdom was undoubtedly a very wealthy and cultured one.Ming dynasty accounts give detailed information about visits and tribute missions by rulers of P'o-ni during the late fourteenth and early fifteenth century.The of Malacca at that time was a Brunei Muslim and seems to have confirmed this information.In the following year, the Portuguese Superintendent of the Spice Trade reported that it was "not long since" the King had become a Muslim. Such a date would also tally with mention of the part played by the Johore sultanate, established after 1511, in the conversion of the ruler.

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