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If your child only wishes to play house league then tryout attendance is not required.

What is required for both levels is for you to register with CKGHA with your desired level of play (Travel or house league).

The house league spring skate is not about it being a tryout but a fun opportunity to get to know your teammates and begin identification of a House League coach.

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Once the travel teams have been selected there is a possibility that we will be contacting the players registered for house league for a spring skate.

Our goal this year is to have at least one travel and one house league team at each level.

If your child is wanting to be on a travel team they should plan on attending the tryouts.

10 Apps for Parents to Monitor Kids’ Mobile Use https:// For a a complete list of Internet Safety information go to: Internet Safety for Youth It’s common for younger teens to experience periods of low self esteem, seek the approval of their friends, and be reluctant to accommodate their parents’ expectations.

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