Checkedlistbox not updating

If you whip up a Data Table to store the underlying objects and bind the listbox to that, your problem is solved (the Data Table is just a data structure, unless you hook it up to a database, but it takes care of notifying the listbox when its contents change). Data stuff, you can bind a listbox to an array or an arraylist, but you'll have to Refresh the Currency Manager for the Binding Context to make the listbox refresh the list.

But if you're just stuffing objects in the listbox and not keping them in a separate datastructure, I'm not sure you can do what you want.

Collections Class Form1 Inherits Form ' Declare the objects on the form.

Text = "Form1" ' Create an Array List containing some of the State objects.

The original idea to use SIMPLE Check Boxes did not work, although I got very close. Load Dim Num Layers As Integer Num Layers = Ax Map Control1. Any ideas (I'll thank Psychocoder in advance...) Nolan That's actually a little trickier than most would think.

I have found that using the alternative "Checked List Box" works just as well: This code loads the checkedlistbox and sets all boxes to checked when the form loads: Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System. Layer Count Msg Box(Num Layers) Dim i As Integer For i = 0 To Num Layers - 1 Checked List Box1. To toggle the check state of an item in a Checked List Box you need to first get the index of the selected item, then determine if it's -1 (nothing is checked), if it's not -1 then use the Get Item Check State Property of the Checked List Box to get the check state of the item (this is done in a loop from 0 to Checked List Box. Count - 1), then reverse the check state using the Set Item Check State Property of the Checked List Boxbased on the current check state, like so Private Sub Checked List Box1_Selected Index Changed(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Selected Index Changed ' Get the selected item index. Selected Index If (selected Index -1) Then For i As Integer = 0 To Checked List Box1. Count - 1 ' Get the selected item's check state.

The topic is here: idea is this: I am using an ARCGIS map control which has "Layers" of spatial data (i.e. Name, True) Next i End Sub Private Sub Checked List Box1_Selected Index Changed(By Val sender As System. Selected Index() = checked End If End Sub Now I know THIS is not working, but I am not sure exactly how to implement what I want. The code you supplied definitely got me going in the right direction. Get Item Check State(selected Index) ' Toggle the item state.

Roads, Creeks, Rivers, etc.) When I load the form and the map control, I want to create a Dynamic Table of Contents in the form of Check Boxes in order to control whether the Layers will be visible or not. I did find (don't remember where, the CHECKSTATE method, but was not able to implement it to any satisfaction. Set Item Check State(i, chkstate) Next End If End Sub Thanks Psycho.

For my item, the To String() simply returns a private string called 'name'; Now if I change that name variable, the list box continues to show the previous name.Get Item Check State(i) ' Toggle the item state. When a checkbox becomes UNCHECKED, the layer dissappears, when I CHECK it, it REAPPEARS. IO Namespace Windows Application1 Public Class Form1 Inherits System. Form Private With Events checked List Box1 As System.

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