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Nia revealed, in an interview with AV/TVClub, in 1995 when “Friday” first released, she and Chris Tucker were still on the come-up, but she was a little more well-off than him.She explained that Chris was rollin’ in a hooptie back then and she kinda stunted on him…in a playful way. I was shooting Friday at the time, and Chris Tucker and I saw each other on the freeway, on the way to the set.At first Nia thought it was a good date, until Rock dissed her: Nia Long: “We went on a date and after we kinda hung out, and then he took me back to Brooklyn [where Nia was living at the time] and I’m like ‘Okay, so I guess this is the part where you exchange numbers.’ Make a long story short and a week goes by and I didn’t hear from him, he gave me his number and I gave him mine, and I’m like ‘God, he didn’t call me.’ And um, finally I call him and I dial the number and this…man, gave me a wrong number! According to him, everything was all good with their date, until Nia said this one thing that completed turned him off.

—a Phantom Rolls-Royce, which—I couldn’t even figure out how to get the damn car door opened. I think the tables have turned.'” Good thing, Nia didn’t really mean harm when she stunted on Tucker in her BMW back then.Simpson worked at WGCL-TV for a brief time in the mid-2000s before anchoring in D. Brown identifies herself as an actor, model and singer on her Twitter page. Your subscription to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution funds in-depth reporting and investigations that keep you informed. She posted the photo above as her profile pic on her Facebook page and as of a.m., it had 609 likes. Subscribe to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution today. But pretty sure when Chris Tucker pulled up in that Phantom, the sweet smell of revenge was at least slightly gratifying for him.Speaking of comedians named Chris, let’s talk about her date with the OTHER Chris…Rock, that is…

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