Christian dating how far is too far

I get asked that question all the time, in reference to physical boundaries when dating. The world’s so-called wisdom would typically say that “it depends.” That’s not very helpful.

Of course holding hands is no sin but as I mentioned one needs to be aware sex is a sliding scale and it’s designed not to be stopped easily so Christian relationships require a strong will and resolve to please God – and crucially not steal something that is actually meant for someone else.You are not following God's life-giving instruction to “flee.” If that means you can’t even be in a room together alone before the honeymoon, so be it.I know that is radically counter-cultural in today’s world, but increasingly that should be seen as a good sign—we should be radically different from this world (see Philippians , for instance).” To which I might ask: “Why are you trying to get close to sin? Is it because getting close to the edge is exciting?” Get Off the Roof Say we’re standing on top of a building (for some reason) and you ask how close you can get to the edge. There is only one reason why it is exciting: because there is a very real chance you might fall off. Some people would respond to the question by giving advice that makes it somewhat less dangerous to get close to the edge.

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