Chuck bass and vanessa dating denise richards dean cain dating

I feel like corruption is kind of a main focal point in her story and they did a good job using that theme throughout her arch (the undertones of sexual assault, the constant struggle of her wanting her family to treat her as she was but wanting the UES to treat her as she wants to be) and I had to remind myself that even when she's being a jerk she was younger than all of them (except Eric - who also acts out in his own way).

I don't know, I hate when people say she's just a brat and whore (that part REALLY doesn't make sense to me! That includes Vanessa (who isn't all that horrible to me although season 3/4 she gets a little annoying I guess).

I liked Jenny at the start but when she started to rebel against her family (wanting to get emancipated etc) I didn't really like her.

Serena always goes for some guy says "it's different" and throws a fit when people tell her she has to get her act together. Nate grows a bunch and really turns into a good guy. I feel like lily and Rufus where really good and should have ended up together but obviously that couldn't. Anyway I'm just surprised that Blake got more famous off of this and not Leighton because the acting that she did showed a much larger range of emotions.

Serena is just so entitled to everyone's help and attention.

Like when she wants to scheme to get the money back from Poppy but that's Dan's college money and kind of a big deal and she's all "How dare you tell my mom, this situation had nothing to do with you," Or how she begs her mom to not go away with Rufus because Dan's her 'true love'.

Even though we'll always remember him as Chuck Bass, Westwick's taken on a large number of dramatic roles since Gossip Girl ended in 2012.

Most notably, he played Tybalt in the star-studded 2013 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

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