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Rejoining his unit in December, Weathers fought during the German Spring Offensive, but was gassed in May and did not return to his unit until the following month.

He participated in the Battle of Hamel in July, the Battle of Amiens in August, and the Battle of Mont Saint-Quentin in September.

However, Lawrance decided the J-1 was large enough, and the J-2 never went into production; only two examples were built.

Over the next two years, Wright gradually refined the J-1 engine, introducing the J-3, J-4, J-4A, and J-4B.

These engines were the earliest members of the Wright Whirlwind engine family. The Navy was very enthusiastic about air-cooled engines, which it felt were better suited for naval use than liquid-cooled ones.Consolidated Truck & Caster is a leading supplier of casters, caster wheels, hand trucks, and material handling equipment to a variety of industrial, institutional, food service, medical, hospitality and material handling markets. Consolidated is also a member of the National Caster Alliance. manufacturers including Jarvis Caster, Albion Casters, Colson Caster, Faultless Caster, Shepherd Casters, Bassick Casters, Med Caster Casters, Rhombus Casters, Caster Concepts, Aubin, Magliner, Dutro, Bluff and more.The J-5 Whirlwind was built by Hispano-Suiza in France.The Whirlwind J-5 was also produced under license in Poland by several makers.

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