Customs of vietnamese dating

Up until the end of the 19th century, Chinese characters were also widely used to transcribe the language.However, in the 17th century, a French Jesuit missionary named Alexandre de Rhodes converted the language into a Roman form, adding accents to indicate stress and tone.Because of this, always make sure you bring a business card to exchange at any meeting, no matter how small or trivial it may seem.Ideally, this will be printed in both English and Vietnamese and you should always offer it using both hands.While placing hands together and bowing your head is the traditional form of greeting in Vietnam, it has been all but eradicated by the westernisation of society.As a result, you should always shake the hand of a person you are meeting for the first time – especially if they are of the same sex.No one will expect you to master the Vietnamese language in advance of a business meeting, but it is considered common courtesy to learn at least one or two words.

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The long, slender country has established itself as one of the hottest properties in South East Asia, thanks to a mixture of beautiful scenery, friendly locals, exquisite cuisine and burgeoning business opportunities.Their wisdom is sought in important family or community matters, as well.In addition to recognising the esteem attached to age, Confucianism also places heavy emphasis on duty, honour, loyalty and sincerity.This revolves largely around comporting oneself admirably in Vietnamese society, most notably with respect to age and status.All due respect and deference is paid to those of advanced years, with the oldest members of any group always being greeted and served first.

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