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However, the mere possibility that a person could unknowingly have such content on their phone or computer renders plausible blackmail threats and ransom demands based upon false allegations.Q: Are there a lot of hackers making a lot of money by placing malware on porn sites?A: Users should ignore this message and they should not call the toll free phone number that typically appears with it.This message is associated with adware that hawks flaky support services.Use a malware scanner to find and remove the adware (ESET offers a free scanner at https://com/online-scanner).Q: I suspect that many people wouldn’t take an infected computer to a repair store to get the malware removed.A: Most cyber crime is driven by classic business principles, like return-on-investment and targeted marketing.So, yes, you will see malware on porn sites that leverages video display software.

But I would say that porn-related malware is sometimes as sophisticated as anything you see in any other sector, particularly when it comes to things like click fraud.Does that mean that security experts don’t have a clear idea of how big of a problem this is?A: The embarrassment factor definitely complicates things, from gathering accurate metrics to determining the root cause of the problem. Or could it be that the folks who visit them are naïve and lacking in security awareness?Either way, I think all security experts have seen a surfeit of computers riddled with malware, spyware, adware, and bloatware, along with a browser history chock full of adult website URLs.Q: I read a story in a British paper that said that a hacker had developed a smartphone app that took a person’s picture when they visited certain porn sites. A: It is certainly possible and might strike an ethically challenged criminal hacker as an interesting business proposition.

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