Dating a bipolar schizophrenic Web chat girls two way

“Wow,” Beth said after her second meeting, adding, “They really get it.We share tips and help each other get through tough times.My mother never even tried to put me first.” Beth was diagnosed with PTSD and severe anxiety.She was prescribed anxiety medication by a psychiatrist and continued weekly sessions with me.But it is also becoming clear that lifestyle and environment affect the severity of the disorder. ” “Doing something you regret does not make you a bad person.

I am writing this for anyone who is dating someone that is bipolar or is thinking about dating someone that is bipolar.“Decades later I still hear her voice haranguing me, telling me I’m not lovable or smart or pretty.” Finding acceptance for who she is no matter what she expresses in the therapy room proved powerful for Beth. ” Like many people who were emotionally abused by a parent, Beth felt she couldn’t share her experiences because no one else would understand; she believed everyone else was so much better able to cope.After confessing a “dark secret” – that months earlier she’d impulsively thrown a shoe in her husband’s direction -–and finding I didn’t recoil and insist she leave instantly as she was beyond help– started loosening the coils of self hatred and misery lodged deep inside. Being silent, keeping the demons and fears locked inside, had a high cost.“ Gradually Beth came to realize that she and her mother (who she keeps at arms’ length – checking in a couple times a year) are not the same person.“The difference is even though I have emotional issues I want to learn how to cope with my pain and make decisions that are best for my child.

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