Dating a gambler

Richard is very hands-on in giving feedback to everyone who posts questions.

He answered every question I saw in the forum and there are a lot.

So make sure you have experience and have learned the basics before getting this. If you haven't yet worked on your image, style and general 'fitness', then it would be a little wasted to get this program and trying to get it to work for you. The tactics in Stealth Attraction work to force women to get 'warmed' up to you before you approach them, attract them and so on.

Richard provides basic advice to these guys in the comments also, but really they would be a lot better off in first studying the basics before trying this. In pick up terminology this is referred to as "Forcing the IOI (Indicator of Interest)".

If you have your image, style, body language and body fitness level all down. If you have not already mastered these skills, these techniques will not work for you.

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