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They are using you as a back up plan, in case it doesn’t work out with someone else. In truth they are using you for company until someone better comes along. You do not want to waste your time waiting around in someones “cookie jar” to be pulled out when they are in the mood for a little treat.

If someone does not keep in touch with you regularly, only to call you last minute to come over, that is exactly what may be happening to you. Are you a known presence to his family and friends?

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my Can't keep my hands, my hands, my hands out the cookie jar [Bridge: Travie Mc Coy] I'm a monster for these cookies I'm a beast for their treats I'm an animal for they're crackers Head to feet, they so damn sweet Can't keep my hands, my hands, my hands out the cookie jar Cookie Jar was the second single from The Quilt, and features The Dream singing the chorus.

I have added 100 Date Night Activities that I think you both will enjoy.

Remember to throw in some activities that you all like as well.

Do you go out and do things together or just spend time at your house or theirs?

Is it next to impossible to make plans ahead of time with this person?

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