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When he got home, I immediately felt something was wrong but I figured it was because of his father dying. After watching him smiling at his phone and being very paranoid with it, I checked our cell phone records to find that he was texting one number constantly all day...everyday.I googled the number and wala..facebook picture and name came up.His father was terminal and he knew that he may end up dying before he got back home.I knew that this was not a good time for him to be away from family but he is very devoted to his work and refused to take my advice to come home.

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Cori is doing well and is asking about you like crazy. That was his first mistake that led him down the road of destruction...About three weeks before he was supposed to come home, he finally decided he wanted to be sent home on emergency so he could see his father for the last time.He was out at a wing place with his slutty mistress.The receptionist didn't want to do it but looked at my kids and just couldn't say no. After talking to him though, we decided that it may be better to separate first.

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