Dating dance teacher

Pamela and Peter Martin would like to welcome you to DANCING BREAKS, which is a unique dance holiday company.

We pride ourselves on teaching our guests ourselves to ensure our guests receive first class tuition.

Sneak in some saucy lip locking love during detention before the nasty old teacher or nerdy keeners can catch you!

Stay after class and find out where this literary fashionista does her shop...; Emily's little tutoring room is slowly expanding into a little classroom!

We provide a sociable and friendly environment throughout your break and ensure all our guests whether they are a couples, groups or individuals to have a great time and a feeling of belonging.

At all our dance breaks we ensure we have dance hosts to dance with the single guests.

Make sure you know all the answers to...; This teacher is loved by her students for her smart teaching method and her cool fashion.

The students look up to her genius and her style, so don't disappoint them and dress up before you solve f...; Your hip hop teacher has a performance in front of a ton of music video producers, and she needs your help!

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