Dating dilemma

I have often wished parents could see their youngsters at school or Bible camp without the youngster's knowledge.

Why are certain girls so caught up with the latest clothing styles and fashions- why do they want to spend every available dollar on expensive makeup supplies and use them to the extent of looking like a harlot? They are trying their best to appear provocative and available for the boys they think are "cute" and popular.Even though these authority figures witness the spiritual and emotional upheavals caused by permissive, "carte blanche" dating and pairing off in schools, youth groups, camps, etc., most seem to be either unwilling or unable to correct the situation, but is it the responsibility of schools and churches to curtail these emotional relationships?I believe the primary responsibility still remains in the home as it always has.“You have two choices – you can either decide that this is a deal breaker and we can both go our separate ways, or you can admit that the whole idea kinda turns you on and we can have some fun together.” David stared at Chelsea from across the table, then his eyes fell back to the plethora of photographs that were strewn in front of them.Dozens of extremely graphic pictures of this girl who he’d only been dating for a few weeks – sucking off other men, getting fucked from all angles, even covered in their cum afterwards.

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