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Overall Rating: 666 (the equivalent of an A )Synopsis: Black Metal, by Rick Spears and Chuck BB, follows twin brothers, Shawn and Sam, who are a little...different from the other kids.To start with, these brothers are totally brutal, and are seriously metal.Loud, fast and heavy like the music it is inspired by, Black Metal ties into the youth culture that has grown up around this ferocious sound.Then infused with a shot of ancient myth and a healthy dose of high adventure, it rises to the level of a truly epic tale.At the same time the tourist industry becomes the big source of living for the domestic population.Here you can see old stone houses, with the old olive mills, and authentic interior inside each house.

Life was going on in two zones; the mountainous in the summer and the coastal in winter.

Demons, dark lords, Norse deities (accurately portrayed for a change), a black metal band that goes out of their way to practice what they preach, armies of the damned and even Satan himself all turn up and provide fodder for hilarity that wouldn’t stand a chance in Hell of being endorsed by the Church.

Cartoon mayhem of the most entertaining order, BLACK METAL comes highly recommended and ends much too soon, leaving the reader foaming at the mouth, hands upright and flashing “the horns,” anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Not far from a rather huge number reconnaissance tumulus there was an antique settlement.

As the legend says, this settlement was destroyed by unknown barbarians, who just rushed through this area to the area of Italy and France after the fall of the Roman Empire.

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