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If your looking for love then you could do far worse than those too, at least they give u a fair chance!! If you're into online dating go for's all free to search and message.Spent about a week on the site, would receive nudges, kisses and every time I would check the profile of the sender, they would be "deactivated. There is a community section that's been somewhat active.SCRAMMERS will ask right away about what you do for a living... When communicating with unknow person don't tell too much about yourself. NO MATTER WHAT NEVER EVER SEND MONEY NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU THINK YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE YOU NEVER MET. DO NOT GIVE OUT BANK INFORMATION OR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS.I am 65 and every contact I received were men from age 19 to 39. Also my paypal account was set up for a recurring payment without my knowledge. Been using dating sites for years & like to think I have it down to a fine art.Even as I was deleting my profile I was still being bombarded with foul degenerate messages from a pervert that had been stalking me on the site.Also scammers was still messaging me as I was deleting my profile.scenes from a 1980 West German comedy “Der Kurpfuscher und seine fixen Töchter” (“The Quack and His Fast Daughters”) sent by Agustin.Watch more nude scenes from “The Quack…” and other mainstream movies at Mr Skin.

They all state that they are honest, God fearing men and want a serious relationship.

It's basically 97% of female profiles with "Hi..." and always put "I'll tell you later" under the interest section.

Feel free to create a profile, as it is free, but it's not even worth your time to create one, since you can't get your time back. The sent me a PM just come to hangout and we chat over there. After all the women was naked on cam she was trying to fool. When I tried to check my account last night it said I was banned.

Very good solo girl site, and with teenie pass A GREAT VALUE!

I have been in different dating but Mingle is really trying .

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