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Because the highest available frequency is only 6k Hz and also because Hammond didn't want to have the key clicks emphasized, there was no reason to install speakers to handle any frequencies in excess of 6 k Hz.

Nevertheless, you can produce very powerful magnetic fields by applying DC to a coil wrapped around iron or steel bars, and many Hammond aficionados and preservationists will have new replacement cones installed in existing ED speakers.

Unfortunately, the converse of this was not always true.

Some skating rinks tried to economize by using a general PA system for the Hammond also.

In operation, a steady direct current flows through the field coil, magnetizing the field structure as shown.

The audio signal is applied to a small coil (called the voice coil) of wire wrapped on an insulated tube which is an extension of the speaker cone at the center as shown. Diagram of electrodynamic speaker as used in many Hammond tone cabinets.

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