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Publisher: It's finding the center of your story, the beating heart of it, that's what makes a reporter. Equally, the need to keep headlines brief occasionally leads to unintentional double meanings, if not double entendres.For example, if the story is about the president of Iraq trying to acquire weapons, the headline might be IRAQI HEAD SEEKS ARMS, or if some agricultural legislation is defeated in the United States House of Representatives, the title could read FARMER BILL DIES IN HOUSE.Check out the examples below – Chrissy Teigen had cosmetic surgery?! People are inherently attracted to numbers and lists.They’re easy for the brain to process, and they ensure your future reader that the format is going to be easy to digest (like this post, and mostly every single post I write).These headlines often will appear to make incomparable objects equal, conduct irrelevant analogies and tangents away from a hidden kernel in the headline, or deflect blame from a third-party within the headline.These headlines, opinion-forming as any other media, serve as catalysts to cognitive dissonance, an oft-stated goal for dictatorships and totalitarian regimes. Acclaimed news sources have been accused of utilizing similar tactics.

Headlines in English often use a set of grammatical rules known as headlinese, designed to meet stringent space requirements by, for example, leaving out forms of the verb "to be" and choosing short verbs like "eye" over longer synonyms like "consider".One brand that absolutely kills their headline game time and time again is Refinery29, an online publication that caters to women readers.I have to actively resist opening their email newsletters, since I’ll end up spending 30 minutes more then I planned to on my phone (but it’s hard because their subject lines are so enticing! The reason Refinery29 excels at this is because their headlines are typically very opinionated, and leave the reader wanting more. This tip may seem obnoxiously obvious, but I couldn’t leave it out because it’s proven time and time again to be effective.Think about ways to spice your title up, and word it in a way that instantly draws readers in.Making a bold, opinionated or controversial statement is a sure way to do this.

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