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represents the best and worst of a relationship, tied together through themes of self-realization and individualism.

It’s an on-the-nose portrayal of the full cycle of a relationship and the heartbreak that tends to result from it, capturing everything to an extent, from the warm and fuzzy feelings that kick off every relationship, all the way to the terms two ex-lovers find themselves on after a breakup.

You might not relish the thought of knocking your girlfriend out of the ,000 main event, but Kurganov seemingly got a kick out of it.

After putting in a four-bet to isolate and seeing Boeree’s A J, Kurganov reportedly said, “Let me do it. ” Boeree flopped a flush draw but couldn’t get any more help as the dealer produced a board of Q 8 8 2 4.

Dwelling in one’s pain such as this is a necessary and very real part of heartbreak, but Tyler takes a heartbreak album to the next level, covering not only the pain a breakup causes one, but also the growth that results from such a painful experience.follows a tightly knit narrative, surrounding a love triangle of sorts.

champion Liv Boeree, who found herself seated at the same starting table as her boyfriend, high-stakes pro Igor Kurganov.

While some players may enjoy a day of poker with their significant other, Boeree was looking for a softer table draw (which got even tougher when Dan Smith and Brian Altman took their seats.) Unfortunately for the poker power couple, which won bracelets together in the 2017 ,000 tag team event, they just couldn’t avoid each other when it came to confrontations on the felt.

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