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Or they ghost me for all practical purposes using “the sorry I was taking a nap.” Except instead of an excuse they simply wait a year after I applied before telling me they went with another candidate.

Albeit clarity and closure is always better even if its 11 months too late.

Your resume acts as your wingman that makes you look and sound desirable to the employer. You either write it or hire the excellent resume writers to do it for you.

For instance, you applied in 10 different companies and only 4 of them responded.

You release negative feelings in different ways such as: Finding your perfect job is like searching for your soulmate. We provide these 6 simple reminders, so you’ll stay on the right path: 1. Figure out carefully whether that job is the right one or not. No matter how bad it went, never discuss or bad-mouth your past job during the interview. Your role as an applicant and an avid admirer should not stop after the job interview. It will give you an advantage to be called in again.

Before you send your resume consider the job requirements, company culture, and your potential manager’s character beforehand. The hiring manager may think you will to do the same when you apply to another company.

But despite having a wide variety of choices, you end up looking for the one that your heart desires.Now a few companies found my skills and qualifications interesting enough to consider me, and changed my application status from applied to under review.Giving me a hope that they like me, think I’m interesting, and want to pay me money for the skills I have.And all those “skillz” I had acquired over the years of failure were vanity.And having the blessing of finding my wife as my lab partner in college I never had to enter the daunting and confusing world of online dating.

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