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In the early 80’s Control Data (CDC) launched the Cyber-203 that was followed by the Cyber-205 supercomputer with modest success.The technology and logic teams then directed their focus to the next generation machine, internally designated the Cyber-2XX as I recall.Neil casted about for a name for the new subsidiary and multiple suggestions were considered.One evening, Neil’s son Sean suggested, possibly in jest, that the company should be named after ETAOIN SHRDLU, the printers devil. Hence, the company became ETA Systems to the chagrin of many.ETA Systems had been terminated over a year prior to the second symposium.The spin-out of ETA Systems was a resolution to a dilemma built up within CDC.

One-hundred employees and significant equipments was moved to the new facility, and walls, offices, meeting rooms, etc.

Neil Lincoln quietly set up the first “headquarters” in an apartment adjacent to his and began planning the formation of ETA Systems, adding confidants to his organization as needed.

Initial planning was completed prior to the Los Alamos announcement and at that time fewer than a dozen people knew of the formation plans.

Simply stated: CDC, after numerous attempts could not resolve the architecture differences between their mainstream Cyber hardware computer mainframe products and the CDC–Star or Cyber–2xx supercomputer products and the company could not afford two distinctly different organizations within it's dwindling budget. in the supercomputer market and did not wish to exit this industry.

In fact, CDC was encouraged to continue by key government clients.

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