Dating my math teacher

No, I don't think your story about how you were so horrible to a teacher you made her cry is hilarious.

No I don't feel any differently about it when you explain that "she was a bitch though".

How can you have so little empathy for someone that you about how you tormented them until they cried? don't tell teachers how to teach if you're not a teacher, especially if your advice was not asked for!

This guy last night went on and on about how I can avoid being treated like crap by students if I treat them with respect and form good relationships with them...

dude I've been doing this for years now, you think I don't know that? I didn’t end up in jail or a mental hospital and graduated college on time so my family thinks I’m amazing. Student teacher here, I've been struggling between wanting to date other education people, and not wanting anything to do with dating other education people.

Why do you assume I don't already do that and need to be told? We have the same schedule, understand each other's struggles at work, and can help each other plan lessons. My rationale is that it would be easier to leave work at work and not let it consume my whole life, as it definitely could if I chose to date other ed people (currently dating someone who is doing their School Psychology practicum).

First time posting in this sub, so I'm really hoping I'm not violating some code I don't know about.

You can read the whole, long, drawn out story over yonder, but the short version is I met a first year teacher one week before the school year began, and we've been together ever since.

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I understand possibly not knowing better as a teen (although my teen self would never have treated a teacher like that) but I don't see how you can look back on that behaviour as an adult and not have grown.

So, since you all (I presume) are teachers, I was wondering if you had any input on dating, especially early in your career, especially as to what the non-teacher in the relationship can do (and I know YMMV, but if you have general recommendations, I'm all ears.)Also, unrelated to my topic, but I really, truly think that you all are superheroes. I've never disrespected teachers (I grew up with one, so I've always been somewhat privy to the back end of teaching), but these past five months have really driven home what kind of rockstars you all are.

You're the hardest working people in the world, and I have so much respect for each and every one of you. My husband (and my brother, and even my parents sometimes) has been helping me grade and I actually end up getting some weekend time to do fun things!

We were both pretty clueless as to the level of stress first year teaching entailed, and managed to make it through first semester, though just barely.

My boyfriend (the teacher) has struggled to find work/life balance professionally and mentally, to the point where he's questioning whether he can continue to invest in our relationship, or if it needs to end (or at the absolute minimum be put on hold until summer).

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