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Eligible men my age who were interested in serious relationships wanted children.” The divorced mom, who says she was typically approached by married or attached men and “20-something boy toys,” eventually resolved to “stay single and travel.” Don’t rely on experience from your childless past.

Take our experts’ advice on maneuvering dating dilemmas and enhancing your love life.

Whether or not you’ve grabbed that shiny ring when the music stops, you’re back on your feet and ready once more for another spin. It can feel like a trip through a funhouse hall of mirrors: There are plenty of wrong turns and mistakes that can be made. Other parents, such as Quia Querisma, 35, of Dallas, can feel out of sync with other singles.

“I had my daughter at 20 and my son at 22, so at this point of my life, I have zero interest in starting over.

In your childless past, dating may have seemed like a ride on a classic carousel: few risks and many options.

Don’t lie to your child about the fact that you are dating, but don’t share too much, either, warns marriage and family psychotherapist Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, Ed. Palm Beach, Fla., psychotherapist Judi Cinéas, LCSW, Ph.Even if you’re not yet comfortable with the idea of a sleepover, consider locking your bedroom door. Target those with your interests using sites such as or, which match pairs or groups based on shared interests and activities. She would act out or do something to gain my attention. Tell a friend or family member where you are going and when you will return. “Definitely not in the first months,” says O’Neill.Your child will start to grasp the idea of privacy. I would rather wait until she is a little older [to date again].” Stick with your family routines and plan dates around them, advises Cinéas. This is a time to compartmentalize your needs and your child’s needs.” When you feel the time is right, speak with your child when you have plenty of time alone to talk—not when you’re about to make introductions, she says.Embrace the quickie to get you through [busy] periods in your schedule.It will keep you from feeling unfamiliar to each other.” 6 Misconceptions About Dating A Single Parent 1 (S)he must have messed up.

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