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Such that, his reasonings for declining anyone, transphobia or whatever may have you, is always secondary to his personal comfort level at that time, at that moment.What he, or anyone for that matter, is not comfortable with in a dating/sexual context, should not persist, regardless of the motivations behind their discomfort.For Crush, this made sense, because as he told me, he once found Laverne Cox physically attractive, because of the way she presents herself, but fought this attraction upon learning that she was trans. Your Comfort Must Be Established, Consent Must Always Be Acquired, and Violence Should Never Be Pursued Now that he had a framework for understanding his preference for feminine presenting people, it was time to lay some ground rules for the non-intellectual part of the task at hand.“No matter what, your comfort level always gets to be legitimated and acknowledged, regardless of your motivations for feeling that way.You get to establish your comfort and anything that crosses that line is sexual harassment and possibly assault.”What I needed Crush to understand was that he was the sole determinant as to who gets access to his affections: romantic, sexual, or otherwise.You Need To Understand What Is and Isn’t Trans Discrimnatory“Crush,” I said.

With all my jargon-heavy, ideological and academic biases out the way, we can now dive into the 4 steps for Black men looking to avoid practicing transphobia in their romantic and sexual encounters.

Additionally, I recognize that I do not speak for all trans women, trans people, Black trans people, or trans women of color.

The following roadmap is simply based on my personal but informed understanding of transphobia, attached to a model of perpetrator-transformation that I believe resonates and works.

I told him how embattled I felt, learning about the ways in which I practiced transphobia, even as a self-proclaimed activist for LGBTQ people.

As someone who considers themselves to be an ere merely beliefs about my attractions that I constructed within the parameters of the sexual community I identified with at the time.

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