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Trying to bond with negative things like divorce or bad relationship experiences might seem like a good idea … At least not when you are just getting to know someone.Also, steer clear of talking about dating in general and the means in which you're meeting people to date – online, dating service, friends, etc.. It is a good idea to consider what is acceptable and unacceptable to you.It takes about 3 dates to get a better idea and about a year to really know someone.We should be a little better at identifying conversation topics that will do more harm than good than when we were younger.But we get stuck thinking there is no one out there to date or that those available must just be the leftovers.

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We assist busy professionals in attracting, meeting and keeping a quality match.

Cut the crap and the mind games out of it and genuinely try to get to know your date.

They will appreciate it and most likely reciprocate it, which can lead to a much more gratifying dating experience!

Most of us didn't know our elbow from our ass when we were young. Our ideas and expectations of other people were limited at best.

Because of this, dating in our middle years can be better in many ways.

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