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This famous dating site was the first to offer personality testing and was designed by an American Christian psychologist (though not designed solely for Christians).

The UK version was apparently adapted to the UK by an Oxford University team.

Life’s often about finding balance, looking for someone who fits you and your lifestyle.

That’s the aim of Dating Direct Affinity: matchmaking for people who want to find a partner based on their personalities.

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As with Match Affinity, we had some trouble registering with Dating Direct, and one account won’t let you log in to the other.I’ve done the personality test and, frankly, I’m not convinced.It seemed rather shallow, to be honest, and many of the questions seemed quite limiting, so I doubt they could possibly have captured my real personality well enough to deliver me my perfect soulmate.It does this by asking each member to complete an online personality test, then compiles the information and makes recommendations of members it thinks you’d get along with.It’s also part of the family (which includes Match Affinity), so is used by a decent number of people who are looking for something similar.

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