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And to be honest, he'd much rather watch TV than talk to me (and we don't even live together and see each other twice a week).I was just curious what other people's experiences are.However, it's also been a sign of deeper problems.

The rest of the 90% is "hanging out", chilling, doing chores, playing games, having sex, taking care of responsibilities, and personal time. It doesn't say to me that your relationship is necessarily in the dumps.For those of you who have been in long relationships, do you find you run out of things to say often or is this just another flag of a deeper issue?This happens to me with my SO or friends if I'm in a rut and don't do anything.Trying new things together can be a great bonding experience, but doing things separately can be a beautiful thing, too.You're both individual people who need to grow on your own so you can enhance one another. My wife and I generally discuss our days and how our babies are doing.

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