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When we post a profile we have carried out a full investigation of the lady, including full financials, criminal record checks, address checks (no it would be wrong to post them! Our posts are checked by lawyers to make sure we have the evidence to support our case should Anastasia FRAUD seek to use their legal muscle to silence us.

They took no action until the information was actually posted!

Whilst we at the detective agency are perfectly relaxed about such relationships and are glad Anna & Irina are happy together,we do not think that they meet the criteria for being available for dates and should not be on a dating site looking for men. Women who have boyfriends, children & husbands, policewomen, wives of senior policemen (next post), and now to add balance girls who like girls!

Given the homophobia present in Ukrainian society, we should perhaps congratulate the agency for being an equal opportunities employer.

She has also found the love of her life Irina so she is now SO much happier:) Well she has certainly loved all of the more exotic pleasures that life has to offer than your average person! It goes on:“IDEAL MATCH DESCRIPTION: I'm looking for a good man that will be honest, trusting, and faithful. Someone that will communicate with me, and will be my friend and is looking for love and marriage, someone to grow old with and to watch our children being happy with us.”So where does Irina fit into this life plan? We would like to thank Evgenia Ostrovskaya for the information that made this post possible.

Well Anastasia FRAUD and their agencies in Nikolaev have certainly been busy these last few days! In one way we are delighted anastasia FRAUD and the Nikolaev agencies are being forced by these posts to remove the most blatant and obvious scammers. The women we choose to post first were either high earners for Anastasia FRAUD on chat and cam share, or were employed by the agency or friends of the Agency owners.

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