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Social software program Spredfast found that some of the top most mentioned topics on Twitter during the game weren't direct advertisers.

It found 2.6 million tweets about Beyonce and 1.1 million tweets about the Broncos.

"We're not responding to the negativity," she said.

"Eighty percent of the conversation is positive or neutral.

It also leveraged digital media techniques to get viewers involved.

To enter the contest, it asked Twitter users to retweet its tweets further spreading brand awareness.

A woman is using a dating app and rejecting all her potential suitors with a dramatic left swipe and a "No!"Most of the ad trackers or the way people look at advertising today is that they look at it under the lens of if it was great entertainment. Too many advertisers make everyone love an ad and that isn't the right approach." The story is a little bit different when you take social media mentions out of the picture.Television analytics company Samba TV determined that the most viewed commercial of the first quarter was from Squarespace, followed by Astra Zeneca's opioid induced constipation ad in the second quarter, "Doritos Dogs" in the third, and finally T-Mobile's Hotline Bling spoof in the last quarter.Sex and species are captured, further qualified by strain and genetic manipulation in the case of non-human subjects.Treatments, such as disease induction in experimental models, drug treatment, and combinations of treatments can be documented in the schema.

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