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via @gatewaypundit You’ll want to look up & watch the KHOU documentary on Youtube “Is Seattle Dying” before deciding ANYTHING about Seattle.

RT @Miss Mandi00: Unlikely, but are any of my Twitter followers from Seattle?? RT @CBSNews: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: "You cannot have, because of a person's position, one set of rules apply to them and another set of rules apply to everybody else"… RT @penguinponders: "My plan is to support the Republican nominee", said @Hurd On The Hill when asked by @jaketapper who he'll support in 2020 if the choice is Trump or Hurd's friend, @Beto ORourke .

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Fremsttelser af trusler er strengt forbudt og overgives i nogle tilflde til politiet til videre behandling.

Vi accepterer ikke sex-profiler og profiler, der baseres p sex eller sexuelle ydelser/prferencer, herunder ogs profiler, der sger onenight-stands og elsker/elskerinde. Vi accepterer ikke profiler, der indeholder pornografisk, kriminelt, kommercielt eller racistisk indhold.

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