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The ideal situation embodies the concepts of respect, responsibility, communication, and consent.I feel safe when I am powerless, because I am an equal partner in this exchange.We enjoy remain bounded by the limits of human meaning and human design.

In the quiet, she could hear the soft crackling of the logs and feel the heat; she was facing the fire.

A dominant-submissive sexual relationship is about the wilful exchange of power.

I, the submissive, hand over power to you, the dominant, who accepts this power for a period of time and uses it upon me and we satisfy our desires together.

Two hands lifted away her cape, two others checked the clasp on her wristbands and descended inspectingly down over her buttocks.

These hands were not gloved, and one of them simultaneously penetrated in two places – so brusquely that she let out a cry. It’s the small, easy to miss, details that stimulate our imaginations and draw our minds into the experience.

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