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Pope travels home to the States to recruit his old Delta Force friends for a job to seize the money under the pretense of working for the Colombian government: Tom "Redfly" Davis, a realtor; William "Ironhead" Miller, a motivational speaker; his brother Ben Miller, a mixed martial arts fighter; and Francisco "Catfish" Morales, a former pilot.

With persuasion from Pope, they decide to steal the money for themselves.

Pope realises that the money is in the walls, and the team begin bagging the money.

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However as they are reaching the helicopter's maximum ceiling, one of the helicopter's gearboxes is overwhelmed and damaged due to the cargo load exceeding the maximum weight, causing their helicopter to enter a rapid descent.Before leaving, Pope leaves Yovanna and her brother with a share of the stolen money and visas to Sydney, Australia, and urges them to leave South America as soon as possible to avoid being caught by the gangsters.As the group takes off, an unsatisfied Redfly claims that Yovanna was lying to him but Pope talks him down.Redfly takes one of them out before being killed by a single shot from the second villager’s rifle.Pope takes out the second shooter and the crew mourn Redfly's death.

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