Getting over rejection in dating

The next time you see a very hot girl that you would never dream of approaching……… For some people dipping a toe in that cold pool and slowly easing in is the best way. Write her a cute note on a small piece of paper with your number on it.For others doing a cannonball and taking the initial shock right off the bat works better. Walk up with confidence, give her a compliment on her appearance, her style, or anything, and start a conversation. You just jumped the biggest hurdle of them all and each time it will get even easier. Don’t over talk them just a quick chat, say you have to run, and ask for their number because you really enjoyed talking to them and want to do it again. Walk up to her, say excuse me I saw you before and wanted to give you this.We often find ourselves drawn to someone who is not a good fit for us.Some things to consider when deciding to pursue a relationship should be whether or not the two of you have similar goals, values, communication styles and mutual attraction.

There are plenty of attractive, interesting potential mates worth pursuing.

But dating is probably where it holds them back the most.

As we all know meeting women is a numbers game and if you are afraid to make an attempt you are never going to end up getting anything.

It may be tempting to continue chasing them, to prove something to yourself or others, but this persistence is often viewed as very negative, unattractive, or even threatening to a potential partner.

It will be a rare occurrence if they change their mind about your compatibility!

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