Gridview rowupdating textbox value

Such a textbox uses dates in yyyy-MM-dd format (ISO format) and this formatting can lead to some problems as discussed below.Consider, for example, the Employees table from Northwind database. Let's assume that you wish to display these columns in a Grid View so that the user can change these two date values.The following code shows how: The Row Data Bound event is raised for each and every row when the Grid View is being databound.The above code checks whether the row being bound is editable or not.I am only going to show the different ways we can use code to take the value from Grid View.First, we have to very be clear in our mind that there are mainly two ways of taking the cell value from the Grid View: This code is for taking the value apart from the Grid View events; that is, any common event using a sender object.

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Now, when you run the web form and click on the Edit button, the Birth Date and Hire Date columns will be displayed as date-pickers but the date will not be populated in them by default.

The above code retrieves dates selected by the end user using e. These values will be in yyyy-MM-dd format since they are being submitted from the date-picker.

You can then parse them into Date Time variables for the sake of updating them in the database.

I am sharing this because I see a lot of questions on the forums on how to get the value from the Grid View object, and I know how.

As a beginner it's very tough and challenging to work with controls like a Grid View in ASP. Even I faced difficulties at the starting point of my career. Here, I am not going to explain about Grid View and other events in it, because there are a lot of good articles about that.

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