Hayden panettiere is dating wladimir klitschko

Kaya is primarily with her dad and his family in Europe and Florida,” they said.“They also spend time together as a family with Hayden.But then in 2013, the Klitschko and Panetierre rekindled their love and got engaged in October of the same year - a year later they had their first child together, daughter Kaya.

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Hayden Panettiere is now dating a man named Brian Hickerson.Online said that Panettiere and Klitschko remain good friends.“At this point, Hayden is single and she and Wladimir are co-parents to Kaya.Klitschko, and Panettiere met at a book launch part for mutual friend Diana Kesnis' Room 23 in 2009 - and quickly began dating.While the Ukrainian giant stands at 6ft 6ins, the actress is just over 5ft tall.

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