Heavenly girl dating sim cheats

- That's so sad *tears up* - That sounds rough - I'm glad your soul is here - You're so interesting - Did we go to school together? - I'm happy with you - *sings him a love song* - Not without you - That's so sweet - I won't, I love you Talk Choices: - I like your sneakers - I get afraid when I'm alone -What's "your" name? - I like the artwork around us - I like shojo manga - Soffie, my grandma's name - How did you end up here? - Your art is really amazing - Soothing blues and greens - Yes, I admire art - My emotions - Are you unhappy here? - Maybe she didn't want to be mean - Maybe one day we could leave together Talk Choices: - Omg, a talking mushroom! - I'm happy to hear that - *gives him your hand* - can we do it again? - I want to know more about you - When did you start drawing - Is that a compliment? You need to find the truth and find the way back to your life; you besides need to find the hearts of others. Flirt with five different guys in five different scenarios and get a perfect date. Find the man of your dreams and make him fall in love with you.This dating game will help you learn to a greater extent about romance and how you can find true love.Engage in conversations with Yixing, Luhan, Sehun and Kris.Your relationships will be determined by these conversations. Blind Date 2 Story: ★★★★ | Art: ★★★★★ | Addiction: ★★★ You will like Teddy, but Cole is really cool too.Earn EXP and relationship points with each character by talking to and interacting with them.The more EXP you have with them, the more things you'll be able to do with them.

You have 30 days to explore Wonderland with an interactive storyline and charming characters.She needs to choose between Angel, Gage, Cero or Riley – three singular characters to suffer relationships with, and one secret, silly character to save! Flying Kiss Story: ★★★ | Art: ★★★ | Addiction: ★★★ Start different conversations with the handsome guys at high school.EXO band, from South Korea, is the company that has sponsored this game.You will instantaneously love the idea of getting married when they mature up.You have the role of a princess in this dating sim game for girls.

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