How to deal with an imtimadating

And I don't hardly think about someone trying to kill me.

Ofcourse, I do have times where I think to myself what I would do if I were alone in the house and someone broke in.

While i'm fighting to the death, in most of them, they won't die right away. To start off with To dream that you kill someone, indicates that you are on the verge of losing your temper and self-control.

Therefore, i'm always having to stab them several times. Most of the time, it's that slow-can't run that fast in dreams type of running, but it's like i'm always getting attacked by someone. I am a non-violent woman who has never thought of hurting anyone in such a physical way. In serious ones, I can't wake up and after trying hard, i'll wake up sweating and crying. Consider the person you have killed and ask yourself if you feel any rage towards him or her in your waking life. Alternatively, you may be trying to kill an aspect of yourself that is represented by the person killed.

What would you all do if someone close to me walked into your house with his nails painted black?? I know how alot of society sees these things and its wrong to most of Society.. I keep checking the mail and both doors to see if they have delivered my school supplies yet.. I am 32 years old working in a place that doesnt appreciate me and my ablilities. Also there is this other worker lately that has been bringing his problems into work with him and we are all sick of it.

Esp when I want them as bad as I do this time around.

I'll have dreams from my brother trying to kill me, to random men trying to take advantage of/kill me.

In almost EVERY dream i've had about that, i always end up shooting them and/or stabbing them to death.

Well i had only one dream of my brother trying to kill me.People trying to kill you can mean that you are feeling vulnerable (this is reinforced by the feeling of "running in treacle"). I tend to try and avoid the "fluffy stuff", but you'll quickly discover what suits you. There is also a book by John Novak, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it!You may often find that after you wake, you feel better about the world. If you do meditate, I would suggest delving to try and understand the root of this unease and perhaps correct it using a soul retrieval meditation.Good luck and feel free to PM me if you need any advice.You don't mention anything about your family background but I think this dream may be about parentally controlled sibling rivalry.

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