How to respond to dating ad

It may be tempting to exaggerate certain aspects of yourself—like your income, life experiences, or career—in an effort to attract others, but the truth has a funny way of coming out.

Instead of risking what could be a good thing by lying, simply be honest.

You wouldn’t feel drawn to date someone if you got a negative vibe from their profile, so you shouldn’t do it either.

First thing every morning, I receive emails from Match, Ok Cupid, and How About We listed new members and matches. My thought is that if I'm not interested in a guy, there's no point in forcing things from the start. "Give yourself a break and remember that, because the stakes are much lower online, people don’t necessarily expect a response from everyone they approach," it says.You may think that once you create your profile, you’re finished. There are certainly things going on in your life that constantly change, so it’s a good idea to update the goings on in your profile.For example, maybe you relocated recently or you got a promotion. Everything’s going nicely until you’re prompted to create a profile.You might stare at the screen, wondering how you can sell yourself without sounding like a narcissist or desperate. Nearly every person who tries online dating for the first time hits this wall.

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