Invalidating thesaurus

There are some passages in the New Testament which seem to invalidate this truth.

A slight deviation from this form will not invalidate the publication.

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This is the American English definition of invalidate.

It invalidated not only what they were going to do, but what they had done already.

His evidence is unshakeable and cannot be invalidated by the Aryan speech of the Scythians.

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Though an inter partes review is generally not useful to those trying to protect their intellectual property, or those accused of violating intellectual property rights other than patents, it offers those accused of infringing patents an opportunity for relatively speedy, inexpensive resolution of patent disputes, with knowledgeable judges and legal standards that are more favorable to In the Supreme Court of the United States: No.04-1704: Daimler Chrysler Corporation, et al., Petitioners, amicus curiae in support of petitioners: interest of amicus curiae Changing history: the Supreme Court's decision in Lawrence v.I give you such evidence, because it cannot be invalidated nor denied. 220) all this legal argument might be invalidated by the brief.Once that is conceded, the main argument of Grossmann's 'Heredity' is invalidated.

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