Is selena gomez dating david

co-star David Henrie in what looked suspiciously like a lunch date. I mean I get how Justin’s baggy clothes, hairless body and douchey attitude might be irresistible (no, actually I don’t) but these pics are good enough for me. Does this date look like a friendship thing or could it be the start of something?

The two Disney stars met up for sushi at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Woodland Hills on Saturday afternoon. Selena and David played brother and sister on the show for five years. Anything is better than Justin Bieber – even pretend TV incest. I don’t see how her management team can think using him is good for her career anymore – maybe before he got booed everywhere he went – but definitely not now. Who else (besides Taylor Swift) is in favor of Selena Gomez moving on for good this time?

this didn't happen in preview 1 or on my SL partition.

It's likely that Spotlight is still indexing.belkin has some, but the order pages just say "coming soon", I don't even think you can pre-order.

The CPU is just there to tell the GPU what to crunch assuming no FLAGS were thrown regarding a particular DRM-protected data. We are the hardcore bunch here-we don't mess around (unlike the kids playing at the other side of the MR sandbox).

Thunderbolt is just the transmission protocol, there is no actual decode or encode besides what is hard wired at the ports. ;) Couldn't have said it better : D PC/Winblows/Droided users, steer clear..! I personally think that people who can't drive a standard transmission, are just lazy (and that goes for my mother, and her habit of doing her makeup while driving).

Hmm, maybe we are thinking of two different things. How would Apple keep us from grabbing the stream as it is being sent to the GPU (to be shown on the screen)? People only get autos, because they don't want to have to "inconvenience" themselves with pushing down on the clutch and throwing the car into the next gear; because doing so requires them to stop shoving food down their face, or to get of the damn phone.

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Nice to see the Mac sales well above the million mark. During my sales tour of duty I literally lived in the car for 14-16 hours a day and yes, I did take phone calls (via hands free) and ate/drank while driving.

There is this one person in my apartment complex that has his taillights all black and I couldn't see his backup lights and as I got up to his car, he started to back out. If they go the aforementioned route, they need to keep a dedicated i Pod so that the price point stays down. But my confidence in the ability of others to be as smart and cool as I was never developed as a child.

Seems like they'd have the common sense to just know to do that, but you never know sometimes.. I've just been surprised by all the calls (almost frenzy-like) by others on this thread (it seems you and I are pretty much on the same page as I just read your comments you entered while I was entering my own) to make the i Pod, basically, an all-in-one type peice of crap.

But will it last or will Selena get sucked in again?

They showed him on the jumbotron and the arena booed and he just sat there sulking. Selena Gomez needs someone new and he’s cute enough.

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