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This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. On the contrary, rheumatism in il B acute form is generally the result of the conjoined effects * TLe diieft M described m irri Uble utenis, it a rhoumatio affection, and M Modifications of the irritable uterus, we ha Te dysmenorrhoe, amenorrhs^ «u. I ii hulinn Cuto i W ilii'i a;:^;;:, ;hc uso of which III .1. Mill I'l iing substances do not destroy their power •l ' tvi'ijiriicnt. .'*le''S germs, and the indestructibility of - ai-e carried ! Theee twins are so united that n the middb line of the ii Me of one child be prolonged from the nose, thb would strike upon the ear of the other. Yaeger of Yienna, whom I propose to follow in this ealh the Ophthalmoscope one of the most beaatifal i BOflt interesting inventions of modem times.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. kifi allo W"* them a temporary shelter in its respiratory cavity, - • :« Li iriey ne-itle, until thi^ huail is eati^i by another animal. irsley, lettuce and all the unboiled herbs, whitrh arp J*, i oar kitclien and plaee«l ujion our table, we bring perhaps a :v4i.: xj *jf iln^ie microscoj»ic tape- worm -eggs into our int(»stinos, ■ • '. In Cm^ of the other, the right naif ie muizn Gxhibilcil, to the Stockholm Meilicul Society, a child, a^t. which had continued Tor eix weeks- On awn- i BQgy'bft had'^und himself thoroughly wetted by this ifivoluctarjf flow. The physician was surprised to hear that after only two doses of tbe above preparation, taken on the saine day, the ill* continence wholly disappeiuied. i Rw Ui0 oj Gutta Percha, — ^M, Manouiy, of Chartreg, lias a4l nonnced some new preparations of gutt&-pereba which promise valuable practical results, consisting of the intimate miiture of dif- ferent forms of caustic with that article, Bnch as chloride of zinc, potassa, arsenic, dz^c, &c,^ of which them are thr^ kinds. What inte- rs Ring and valuable results may justly be expected from this srthod of examination, no one will deny, who did not mind ikc pdms of learning again to see.

Wherever there is ambiguity or no clear guarantee so principles of eligibility conditions mentioned below:.

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