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What do you think of the sextuplets from the Gosselin family turning 15-years-old already? Remember to follow the Reality TV Channel on Blasting Pop for more news about the "Jon and Kate Plus 8" family.premiere rolls out Monday night as Kate Gosselin looks to find another partner in love but this doesn’t seem an easy feat.Certainly, Kate and Jon still don't even pretend to be friends.

It was nothing short of a catastrophe for the famous mom of sextuplets, evident by her complaints.So, while it's a far cry from reality TV, he seems happy doing what he does.He has a girlfriend and Hannah and Collin seem to get along fine with her.Now with beginning, she’ll have several men attempting to win her over – or maybe not.At least one guy in the premiere excuses himself from the dinner table after failing to find a connection with this multiple mom.

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